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It's socially acceptable to use tinder, have casual hook-ups and be sexually empowered.

But 16-24 year olds have the highest rates of STI diagnoses.


 Jeans notoriously have a condom pocket. But for most outfits, women have to fight to get a regular pocket.

And no matter who you are, what if you don’t want to wear jeans?

ASOS are known for democratising fashion. Now they're going to democratise safe sex, with a gender neutral fashion line, where every item has a perfectly sized condom pocket.

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All pieces are styled with condoms in the pocket when sold.

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We collaborate with designers to revamp condom packaging so they reflect style trends.

And we sell them as accessories in our collection.

We tackle young people's awkwardness around being seen when purchasing condoms, by allowing them to be bought online and discreetly concealed when shipped in the ASOS packaging.


And we offer monthly condom subscription box services.