Idea: Wear down your demons

When dealing with day to day issues and worries, exercise can play a significant role in managing your mental health. We're going to make sports the place you turn to after a bad day. by creating pop-up sports classes where you personalise the equipment you use by printing your worries onto it. 
The more you play, the more the message fades away.



 Play with balls where your message fades away after being hit 100 times

Running tracks

Trainers where your message on the bottom of the sole fades away after you've pounded the pavement for 30 minutes

Boxing classes
You can take out your frustrations with Brexit (or your ex) until their
face fades away after 100 hits

Once the pop-ups are over, we release a fabric pen where any written or drawn message will disappear from an object after 30 minutes of movement.